Athletics Directors & Compliance (7)

Athletic directors and compliance administrators has to have an excellent understanding of everything from basics of eligibility to year-end-reports, thus legislative services has gathered all relevant courses to make you an expert. 

Athletics Directors & Compliance Products

NAIA Basics

This is the initial course for all on campus learners and is here to get you acclimated to the most common terms and ideas that will be repeated over and over in the Learning Center.

Initial Eligibility

This course goes over all initial eligibility requirements for freshman. 

Transfer Students

Come explore the wild world of transfers!

Seasons of Competition

Training on seasons of competition.

24/36 Hour Rule

Let us explore the 24/36 hour rule and all of its implications and exceptions.        

Progress Rule

The infamous progress rule. 

12-Hour Enrollment Rule

It seems simple, but come find out all the wrinkles of the 12-hour enrollment rule.